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If you are a sex abuse survivor (or *support for a survivor)...

To request registration link please email: 
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For definitions of sexual abuse survivor and sexual abuse, as defined for this event, see below
*An individual registering as a support person for a survivor does not need to be a survivor of abuse.


NOTE: Presently registration is restricted to sex abuse survivors (and partners/spouses -- married or unmarried) from in the Mennonite/Anabaptist community at a reduced rate. If we have spaces open closer to the time of the event, we will invite others to register for the concert.  Initially, however, we would like to give survivors of sexual abuse and their partners priority.

Definition of sexual abuse victim for purposes of this event:

1. Having experienced any of the abuses listed below
2. If you felt sexually violated and traumatized, you are invited. 

3. If you felt sexually violated and traumatized, and find yourself excusing the behaviour because 'they didn't mean it that way' or 'they didn't know better', it is no less abusive. You are no less victimized.

4. If your abuser was only age 8, 10, 12 (a child themselves), but you felt violated and continue(d) to struggle, this is for you. While they were naive and you, you were no less abused.  

5. If your parents discussed sexual escapades with you, or their sexual struggles, in such a way that felt violating and caused you to struggle, you are welcome to attend. 

6. If knowedge of parental sexual addictions -- pornography, pedophilia, bestiality, molesting, or other forms of sexual deviance -- caused you to feel violated, while not direct 'sexual abuse', you are invited.

7. If you witnessed your parents stripping/exposing sibling's bare bottoms, particularly after age eight to twelve, for 'spankings' (or beatings, as the case may be, and you felt sexually violated, or if you were that child being stripped, you are invited. The intent may not have been sexual, but as I work with trauma, I realize this leaves many children in a place of sexual struggle and trauma.

8. Voyeurism. Someone trying to see you naked and/or while you are engaging in sexual activity, whether 'peeping tom' style, or by electronic means (video/camera), *in a location where privacy would be expected*. While this is downplayed (too often! And high profile ministries and churches in our culture have covered for such offenders), it is a crime with a potential of 5 year prison sentence in Canada, and various penalties across the USA.

9. If your spouse raped you, or forced you into sexual activities that felt violating and/or abusive, you were sexually abused.

Note: The prevalence of abuse, sadly, carries into too many marriages due to a lack of teaching and poor concept of healthy respect, and mutual romantic love. I have worked with couples internationally who have worked through these abuses in marriage, and have gone on to thrive after learning how to respect each other in sexual relationships in marriage. 

Definition of sexual abuse for purposes of this event:

1. Unwanted, unwelcomed, and unsolicited sexual touch or minor or non-consenting adult, whether clothed or naked. This includes genitals, breasts and any other sensual touch.
2. Exposure of genitals to children or non-consenting adults.

3. Unwanted, unwelcomed and unsolicited sexual communication, via any format, spoken & written

4. Exposure to pornography to any child or non-consenting adult.

5. Looking at the genitals or breasts of any child or non-consenting adult. 

6. Anything that requires excuses or justifications (in your own mind or when asked about it) is inapproprite. If you engaged in questionable sexual activities as an adult that you find your mind negotiating or justifying, it was inappropriate. 

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