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"The Gathering"

 for Mennonite/Anabaptist Survivors of Sexual Abuse

November 2, 2019


The reduced rate is for Mennonite/Anabaptist sex abuse survivors only, and their partners or support person(s).

By registering (below) you declare the following to be true: 

1. I am/was *Mennonite/Anabaptist (or am the spouse/partner/support person) who was sexually abused in the community. (For definition of 'sex abuse victim' for purposes of this event, go to  "The Gathering" page.)

2. I affirm that I did not molest or sexually assault any child (as an adult), or participate in any non-consensual sexual activity (sexual assault) against another adult. I affirm that I never raped anyone, even as a teen.

3. I have taken full ownership -- apologized without excuse, and faced consequences,  for any molestation and/or other sexual indiscretions or sexual assaults in my youth, whether against a minor or a peer.

Note: Sexual contact cannot be consensual when it is a teen with a child; this is sexual assault. It also cannot legally be consensual  with several years age difference under age 15 or when other power imbalances exist. Laws vary from region to region.

If you are uncertain and have questions, please email: or message Trudy Metzger at:


To protect survivors of abuse, we will do our best to ensure that adult offenders and those who have raped in their teens, are not present.

Even if you have been sexually abused and went on to offend as an adult or raped someone in your teens, please do not attend. 

Be Aware:

Attendees have permission to identify any adult abusers who show up, as well as those who committed rape in their teens, and have security remove the individual from the premises. 


If you can affirm the aforementioned 3 items, you may register to attend. 


To Register Scroll Down

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Registration for The Gathering is now closed.
To purchase tickets for the Jason Gray Concert, visit:

JG_NewPress1_72DPI_RGB (1).jpg
Jason Gray Concert 
November 2, 2019
Lancaster Bible College
901 Eden Rd., Lancaster Pa 17601
Opening by: Behold the Beloved

NOTE: To protect survivors attending, the supported person must FIRST be registered. After registering, send the survivor's name you are supporting to:
! Failure to provide survivor name will result in registration being cancelled with, a $10 admin fee deducted !

No refunds.

Transfer to other survivor support with survivor approval by Oct. 1, 2019  with no admin fee.

No transfer after Oct. 1, 2019

Attendees will be assigned a number, in the order that registrations are received, which will be used to assign seat sections (not specific seats) for the evening concert. 

Note: This applies only to "The Gathering" attendees.​ General seating will be offered for concert attendees not present at "The Gathering" event day, and tickets will be offered to those not attending The Gathering until sold out starting August 1, 2019***.

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