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About us

About Us

Abuse is not partial to gender, culture, race or religion. Men and women, alike, suffer the aftermath of every kind of childhood abuse and violence. Tragically many victims of childhood abuse and violence will become offenders at some point in life. And many will choose partners who are abusive. That's the bad news.

The good news is that you have the power to choose a better future. You did not get to choose your childhood, and could not prevent the abuse that happened to you, but the future is yours--you do not have to remain a victim. You can ensure that the next generation does not suffer at your hands. Freedom is within reach.

The first step into freedom is acknowledging abuse, and breaking the silence. No matter how painful exposing the truth is, it is critical, because abuse is empowered through silence, and freedom comes only when that power is broken.

Generations Unleashed is here to help you or your loved one take that first step, and to connect you to the resources you need to help you take that first step...


                           ...and the next...

                                                             ...and the next...




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