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Break Free... 

Shatter the Silence... 

 End Abuse... 

Welcome to Generations Unleashed! We are committed to giving victims of sexual abuse a voice, and creating a safe place to find support and healing.

Our programs are designed to assist in the healing process, not to replace professional care.

Abuse is not partial to gender. Men and women, alike, suffer the aftermath of every kind of childhood abuse and violence. Tragically many victims of childhood abuse and violence will become offenders at some point in life. And many will choose partners who are abusive.
That's the bad news.

The good news is that you have the power to choose a better future....

Generations Unleashed offers various programs to help victims of abuse and violence through the recovery process. To learn more about how we are changing lives, visit our 'Programs' page.  

Generations Unleashed holds conferences throughout the year, on invitation from churches. Our executive director, Trudy Metzger, also does Women's Retreats, Sunday morning services and stand alone speaking engagements. For Sunday mornings, conferences and retreats, a worship leader (or team) accompanies Trudy, creating a meaningful and healing experience.

Inspirational Thought From our Executive Director:


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There is nothing in the world more personal than our sexuality. The moment we are born, someone identifies us based on gender, "Congratulations, you have a boy!" or "Congratulations, you have a girl!" Even the tone, in my experience, was different in the room, based on the gender of the child. When our first two children were born, both girls, the nurses' voices were lilting and sweet, but when our sons were born there was an air of "Whoa! He's the man! " The room was louder... or maybe just felt louder... and it's been that way in our house ever since. There are unique realities that come with our sexual identity, and these are good. Some of us girls are more tomboy-types, some gentlemen are more artistic, gentle and soft-spoken. But we are still distinctly male or female. When we suffer sexual abuse or assault, that identity is attacked. The most intimate part of who we are is violated, and this causes struggle. Our goal is to help you heal from that trauma and overcome that struggle. Visit our 'Contact Us' page and connect with us. We care about you, and about your story, and would love to help.   ~ Trudy ~ 

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