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We are  committed to giving victims of sexual abuse a safe place to find support and healing. 

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Break Free... 

 End Abuse... 

Shatter the Silence... 

About Us

Abuse is not partial to gender. Men and women, alike, suffer the aftermath of every kind of childhood abuse and violence Tragically, some victims of childhood abuse and violence will become offenders at some point in life. Some will choose partners who are abusive. 

That's the bad news. 


The good news is that you have the power to choose a better future...




Generations Unleashed offers various programs to support victims of sexual abuse and violence through the recovery process. To learn more about how we are changing lives, visit our Programs page. 




Generations Unleashed has been holding training seminars and conferences throughout Canada, USA and Mexico since 2010. Our Executive Director, Trudy Metzger, also offers women's retreats, Sunday morning services, and other speaking engagements. 


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