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Our Speakers

Trudy (Harder) Metzger, Exectuive Director and speaker for Generations Unleashed, has a personal passion to see all individuals heal from the horrific aftermath of sexual abuse and violence. Having overcome a childhood of violence, death threats and sexual abuse, she understands the trauma of these experiences, and the aftermath that victims face. But she also knows that it is possible to move beyond victimization, and live a full life. Using the very thing that could have destroyed her, Trudy and her husband Tim launched Generations Unleashed, a Canadian Charity, with a mission to help survivors of abuse and violence find hope and healing.


Drawing from personal life experience, and her journey of faith, Trudy speaks with transparent vulnerability of her childhood and the difficult journey to freedom. She inspires courage and hope in her audience, encouraging them to move beyond the trauma, addictions and ongoing victimization that often results from childhood abuse.


Trudy is a certified Speaker, Coach & Trainer, with the John C. Maxwell team, and loves to speak in a variety of venues including High Schools, Universities, churches, Union Meetings and anything in between, giving voice to victims, and creating awareness of the prevalence of abuse and violence. In June 2018, she graduated with her Masters in Peace and Conflict Studies, and is currently doing her PhD in Sociology, focusing on crime in religious context, with the University of Waterloo


Special Guest Speakers

For Sexual Abuse Conferences, Generations Unleashed invites guest speakers who are passionate about supporting victims of sexual abuse. The speaker list changes from event to event, based on location and availability.

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